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To qualify for EOPS program admissions you must meet all the eligibility criteria outlined below:

    1. California resident as determined by GCC Admissions and Records Office
    2. Qualify for a Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOG waiver A or B)
    3. Completed no more than 30 degree applicable units (including all course work completed at other colleges or universities)
    4. Registered in 12 or more units at the time of application (wait listed units do not count)
    5. Math and English or ESL assessment
    6. Have a demonstrated disadvantage met through one of the criteria listed below:
    • Not qualified for English or Math required for the college degree (based on GCC assessment results)
    • No High School diploma or GED
    • HS GPA below 2.5
    • Have taken remedial courses
    • Use English as a second language
    • First generation college student
    • Emancipated foster youth
    • Member of college identified underrepresented group

Spring 2013-Program Admissions Application Process Read more....

Continued eligibility requires adherence to EOPS mutual responsibility contract below:

EOPS student responsibility

  1. Meet with EOPS counselor to establish an educational goal and develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP)
  2. Follow my Student Educational Plan (SEP) and the Mutual Responsibility Contract.
  3. Have a signed EOPS study list for each term of attendance
  4. Enroll in and successfully complete at least 12 units each semester per my Study List and/or SEP*
  5. Maintain a satisfactory academic progress toward my educational goal (Min 2.0 GPA for each term of attendance) **
  6. Meet with EOPS counselor or designated EOPS advisor at least 3 times each semester (Fall/Spring), and 1 time during each intersession if registered (Winter/Summer)
  7. Provide required documentation to establish and maintain EOPS and Financial Aid eligibility
  8. Submit FAFSA application by set deadlines and follow-up with Financial Aid office to provide required documentation
  9. Successfully complete Student Development 100 (1 unit) within two terms of acceptance into the EOPS program
  10. Set up my GCC email account and check my student emails from EOPS office on a regular basis
  11. Read EOPS website information on a regular basis to get updates on EOPS program policies and services
  12. Participate in advisement workshops, basic skills instruction, transfer services, career employment services, supplemental instruction (SI) and tutoring as recommended.
  13. Notify the EOPS office of any changes in my class schedule, name, address, or telephone number, or of any extenuating circumstances that may necessitate my withdrawal from classes or may affect my continued enrollment status with GCC
  14. Authorize the EOPS program access to my academic/financial records for the purposes of participation in the program

*Note: In order to fully benefit from EOPS services a student must complete 12 units each semester (Fall/Spring). EOPS students in good standing will be considered continuing EOPS students and do not need to reapply each semester, unless they do not register for one full semester. This does not apply to summer and winter sessions. If a student drops out of school for one full semester after being accepted into EOPS, and leaves the program in good standing, he/she can reapply to the program if he/she meets all the eligibility criteria at the time of application, except for criteria number 3.

*Note: EOPS Students who register in less than 6.00 units in a single semester (Fall/Spring) without prior written authorization from their counselor, will be exited from the program after the add/drop deadline for 16 week classes. For the purposes of meeting this requirement, spring semester and winter intersession units cannot be combined. In cases of extenuating circumstances, student’s registration in less than 6.00 units must be authorized by the counselor and no more than 1 semester will be allowed for this exception.

**Note: ContinuiContinuing EOPS students whose GPA falls below 2.0 must meet with EOPS counselor to prepare a Probation Contract and follow the set conditions in order to maintain program eligibility.

Limitations on Eligibility: EOPS students may NOT exceed the 70-unit limit or exceed six semesters of participation with EOPS. The program will monitor student eligibility status and will perform a program status review for continued program eligibility when student is close to the 70-unit limit or six-semester limit. I understand that failure to meet the terms of the mutual responsibility contract may result in my exclusion from the program before I reach the 70-unit limit or six-semester limit.

EOPS may recommend or provide the following services

Intake Counseling

Improving College Performance Workshops

Group Counseling

Job/Career Planning Course (St.Dv.125)

Academic Counseling

Financial Aid Workshops

Preparation of Student Educational Plan (SEP)

Book Vouchers

Preparation of Study List for Each Term of Attendance


Student Progress Monitoring

CARE Program Services


University Transfer Services

Priority Registration

College Orientation Course for Incoming Students (St.Dv.100)

EOPS Student Employment

Improving College Performance Course (St.Dv.141)

Emergency Loans

Note: Services may vary year to year depending upon other services available on campus and budget.

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