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March 24,2008 12 - 1 pm, and 1 pm - 2 pm, LB 221


Present: Tina Andersen-Wahlberg, Jayne Campbell, Dora Krannig, Kathy McNeese, Alice Mecom, Lynn Mizuno, Charlotte Schulten

    1. Draft letter to Guild for re-negotiation of flex time for SLOAC work:

    Some changes were made to the draft by writing out some options that the Guild might consider
    Tina, Kathy, Charlotte, and Alice will ask to be agendized for an upcoming Guild Exec meeting

    2. Report of program definitions from other colleges - which model suits GCC best? Will we go beyond degree and certificates in our definition of program? Dialogue between campuses

    We will ask Ed Karpp to send out a status report of degrees and certificates with SLOAC's to all disciplines so that they get done

    Two program writing workshops offered this Spring - April 1 and May 11 through Staff Development

    A larger body needs to discuss various ways to approach defining programs, perhaps at Academic Affairs or the Senate

    Tina and Alice will work on writing up some options to take forward to address how to assess programs that do not lead to degrees and certificates

    3. Discussion of re-organization of SLOAC leadership for Fall 2009

    Committee suggests looking at the current SLO job description to determine what work should be done and by whom in the Fall - do we suggest "assessment leaders"?

    4. Other:

    Kirk Vaughn (ESL) and Stacy Jazan's (Spanish) assessment panel on March 19 went very well; Maria Kretzman (Biology) and David Jones (Math) to follow on April 27.

    Committee suggested videoing the workshops and posting them online

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