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Feb. 24,2008 12 - 1 pm, LB 221,Feb. 24,2008 1- 2 pm, LB 221

SLO Meeting Minutes

Present: Roger Bowerman, Jayne Campbell, Dora Krannig, Kathy McNeese, Dr. Rick Perez, Peggy Renner, Charlotte Schulten, Kirk Vaughn

Chair: Alice Mecom

  1. Current standings:
    SLOs written: 72.7%
    Assessments chosen: 64.2%
    Assessments run: 7.5%
    Assessments analyzed: 7.4%
    Plans made: 6.8%
  2. Assessment Survey: Encourage colleagues to respond to this survey so we can quantify GCC's broad collective view on SLOACs. The more responses, the broader and more collective. The data will help us strategize and will support us in identifying and getting what we need. The survey will also identify those people on campus who can use their assessment experiences to help others. So far, we've had 50+ responses, and the most common complaint is TIME.
  3. eLumen: Alice and Tina are now splitting the 40% RTEP for SLO's so that Tina can prep us for elumen.
  4. New Program Review page: Program Review, Section 2, now requires that programs report data from their assessment cycles.
  5. Program Level SLO's: There is information on the SLO website under the Toolbox icon, such as links to sample program-level SLO's and the forms on which to write them.
  6. Flex activities: The spring we will continue the program-level SLO training, AND we will offer panel ("show and tell") assessment workshops led by our own colleagues.
  7. ACCJC rubric: We are to be actively working toward the "Proficiency" level by our visit in 2010.
  8. The SLOAC committee will be recommending to the Guild that a portion of our flex obligation be allocated for SLOAC work; this arrangement would allow for institutionalized reserved time for SLOAC work. Alice will forward a the request to the SLOAC committee for review before submission to the Guild president.
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