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Oct. 21,2008 12 - 1 pm, LB 210 , Oct. 22,2008 1- 2 pm, LB 210

SLO Meeting Minutes

Present: Trudi Abram, Tina Andersen-Wahlberg, Roger Bowerman, Jayne Campbell, Allyn Glanzer, Sid Kolpas, Jennifer Krestow, Brenda Jones, Lynn Mizuno, John Queen, Charlotte Schulten, Kirk Vaughn

Chair: Alice Mecom

1. Memo sent to all faculty, division chairs, student service managers and members outlines the timeline for submission of course-level outcomes, course assessments, and program-level outcomes. Deadlines for outcomes are Dec. 17, and for assessments - Feb. 12. Some faculty said that the work has been done, but not reported.

2. SLO Website - please give suggestions on the design of the site. It was suggested to include a link to examples of assessments that faculty have already turned in.

3. Program- SLO's: The obvious question is "what is a program", and how and if we can find a definition that works for both program review and SLO writing. We've decided to make incremental progress by starting with degrees and certificates. Student services have already begun writing SLO's for their programs. 4 workshops are being offered this semester to provide training through staff development. Samples of degree-level SLOs will be provided and are on-line under the toolbox icon.. A link of the catalog list of degrees and certificates will be added to the SLO website.

4. Assessments and Best Practices Discussions - two workshops offered this semester through Staff Development. We discussed the need for more institutional support in this area for time and resources. A call for volunteers to come to the lunch to offer advice and best practices in order to help lead the discussion.

5. eLumen - Tina Andersen-Wahlberg is leading pilot groups on elumen. The plan is to make elumen accessible and ready to everyone by December. For now, we are reporting on the same forms that were used last year. We will send out an email to let people know to please wait on using elumen.

6. Chaparral article - topic will be the need for focus on assessment and institutional support
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