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From Glendale College's Academic Contract:

Obligations of the student:

  1. That on enrolling here, he or she takes on the primary responsibility for developing those mature habits of thought and inquiry that are the measure of an educated person.
  2. That he or she recognizes that attendance at all class sessions is a minimum but essential part of an academic commitment.
  3. The recognition that generally and typically he or she will be responsible for one to two hours of homework for each hour of instruction.
  4. The recognition that usage of the resources available in the library is an essential part of academic growth.
  5. The recognition that outside-of-class conversations and consultations with instructors are integral parts of academic growth.
  6. The recognition that frequent withdrawals from classes, turning in papers, assignments, and projects late or not at all, doing homework in last-minute cram sessions, missing midterms in favor of a hoped-for make-up, and the like are practices which are incompatible with academic achievement and growth.
  7. The recognition that different usage of facilities such as the tutorial center and the language labs are vital for the remediation of academic deficiencies.
  8. The recognition that he or she must make every effort to accurately provide all information relevant for insuring proper placement in courses of the appropriate academic level.
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