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As you know, towards the end of the Fall 2008 semester the EOPS at GCC embarked on a pilot project to test a new student email system powered by Google. We took this opportunity to meet the various needs of our students, our office, and the college. Here are some of the reasons we wanted to pilot this project:
    • Improve and expedite our information delivery method to ensure its accuracy and timeliness - email letters are received within minutes not days or weeks
    • Allow students immediate and better quality access to their mail-no more lost or misplaced letters
    • Use of online tools to ensure interactive communication and enhanced student experience
    • Cost saving approach - greatly reduce the amount of paper, ink, envelops, postage and time required for postal mail while addressing our concern for the impact of such practice on the environment
      Address problems and fix glitches before GCC goes live with student email campus wide

After six months of testing, this system has proven to be a reliable and functional way of communicating with our students. We are pleased to announce that EOPS has made a decision to move forward with our goal of establishing student email as our primary communication tool. We will be using email as our mass mailing medium. Our next phase of this pilot project is to establish criteria of a two way communication with our students that would allow for efficient and timely response. The Technology Mediated Services Committee of Glendale Community College is working on reviewing our current student email policy to address the importance of efficient and timely response to student emails.

EOPS INTERIM EMAIL POLICY: The EOPS staff will respond to EOPS students’ emails only when sent via GCC student email account. NOTE: All EOPS students have an assigned student email account.

Beginning Summer 2009 student book vouchers will be available online. We will no longer be mailing book vouchers to your postal mailing address. As of June 17th, 2009, all information from the GCC EOPS office will be sent to you by email. We will also use email to send you information about your book voucher and grant eligibility. An email with instructions on how to access the online Book Voucher with start and end dates of use and other important information regarding the policies on EOPS book voucher and EOPS grant will be sent on June 18th. Remember!!! Summer begins on June 22nd. Please make sure to check your GCC student email to learn how to get your on-line book voucher before the start of the Summer session.

If you have not activated your student email, please use the six step instruction guide on the back of this page to access your NEW GCC student email account. Once your email account has been activated, you can easily log into your student email account by going to using any browser. Make sure to keep it under your FAVORITES, so you can check your emails frequently. All EOPS emails will be sent from the following address:, so be careful about fraudulent emails. Please do not reply to the above email address. If you would like to send the EOPS staff an email message, you need to use your GCC student email and send it to an appropriate email address. EOPS will not respond to non-GCC student emails. If you need help activating your student email account, you may attend one of the Student Email Activation workshops offered by the EOPS staff (see the list below). All workshops will be held in SC 212C. Please call us at  818-240-1000  ext. 6900 or come to the EOPS office to sign up for this workshop.

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