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(Step 1) Circle the number in front of those activities you would like to do. Leave blank those things you would dislike doing or would be indifferent to.

(Step 2) Take this survey to the CAREER CENTER for an interpretation by a counselor to help you define and choose a major or field of study.


1. Repair machines/engines/equipment.

2. Refinish furniture/make shelves out of wood.

3. Drive heavy equipment/use power tools.

4. Be a computer technician.

5. Install telephone equipment.

6. Be an electrician.

7. Operate a printing press.

8. Use a welding torch.

9. Fix a sewing machine or repair appliances.

10. Be a surveyor, building inspector or Architect.


11. Work in a science lab.

12. Read books on space or ocean research.

13. Use a microscope.

14. Research social problems.

15. Apply math formulas to an engineering project.

16. Study the effects of acid rain.

17. Be part of a medical team implanting a heart valve.

18. Work on the development of a new submarine.

19. Be a Biologist.

20. Take a chemistry class.


21. Write a play, novel or newspaper article.

22. Be a Photographer or Commercial Artist.

23. Be the Interior Decorator for a large office complex.

24. Perform in a play.

25. Draw designs for a window display.

26. Play a musical instrument.

27. Write an article for a magazine.

28. Dance, act or sing in a movie production.

29. Draw landscapes, people or animals.

30. Be a Cartoonist.


31. Be a School Counselor

32. Perform as part of a medical or mental health team.

33. Take classes in Sociology.

34. Teach handicapped children.

35. Instruct new mothers in childcare methods.

36. Direct a sports program.

37. Conduct a group session for drug abusers.

38. Teach people to communicate more effectively.

39. Help others to help themselves.

40. Be an Elementary School Teacher.


41. Be a Buyer in a department store.

42. Study to be a Marketing Executive.

43. Manage a large office complex.

44. Sell stocks and bonds.

45. Take classes in Business Administration.

46. Manage a hotel or restaurant chain.

47. Discuss politics.

48. Run for a school leadership position.

49. Be a Public Relations Director.

50. Own your own business.


51. Be a Bookkeeper or Accountant.

52. Keep accurate records and files.

53. Take computer classes or word processing.

54. Be neat, efficient and detail oriented.

55. Process medical records in a hospital.

56. Work in a bank or financial institution.

57. Operate office equipment/learn a new computer system.

58. Follow procedures and rules.

59. Be a Paralegal.

60. Work as a Financial Analyst.

(Remember: Take this survey to the Career Center reception desk, second floor of the San Rafael Building. You may also call for an appointment. Bring your scored survey to your appointment with a career counselor. (818) 240-1000 ext. 5407

Add the number of circled statements for each area, put your scores on the lines below. (Which area shows your highest number of circled statements? Second and third highest?)

High scores, in specific areas, indicate people who prefer certain tasks and working environments. Low scores indicate a dislike for certain tasks or environments. (All scores relate to interests, not ability or intelligence.)

_____Realistic  Work with things, objects, machines, tools, materials, processes, technologies, plants or animals. Tasks include practical work to produce a product. People in this area often value physical activities, concrete things. They ten to be down-to-earth, matter-of-fact and are drawn to tasks that may require mechanical ability, physical strength or coordination.

_____Investigative  Performs scientific work using analytical thinking solve problems or create new knowledge. The person often values activities that would include science and math in order to observe, assess, evaluate and theorize in a logical manner. Tasks may require a person to be independent, precise and critical, using a scientific research approach.

_____Artistic  Works in the arts; music, writing, performing, studio and commercial arts, using creative ideas in perceiving or designing. Tasks require a person to work in situations that are relatively unstructured and require originality. A person often values creative talents, being imaginative, non-conforming and expressive in form, color, words, sound or movement.

_____Social  Works with people in activities to instruct, inform, develop, educate, train, counsel and cure them. Tasks require a person to be understanding, communicate ideas and help others. A person often values social and ethical tasks in which they can be of service to society in an enthusiastic, friendly, competent and supportive manner.

_____Enterprising  Works in activities that require persuasive, managerial, supervisory and leadership skills. Task require being goal directed toward institutional, political/social or economic gain. A person often values status, power and being ambitious. The person often seeks a business setting, where they can be self-confident, sociable, energetic and adventurous.

_____Conventional  Performs activities requiring attention to detail, accuracy in clerical tasks to record, file and organize numerical and written data according to specific instructions or procedures. A person often seeks office settings and may value being responsible, efficient and methodical., practical.

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